Value Statements

I have been coaching with Ellen and my life has changed dramatically. Her business is called “End Results Coaching” and the proof is in the pudding.I am achieving end results at an entirely new level in career;health and well-being; purpose and my spiritual journey.I have a powerful sense of direction and clarity.I believe this comes from having a strong facilitator who keeps me focused.I highly recommend coaching and Ellen as the person to do it.
–Rusty Lynch – Professional Musician

Ellen delights in guiding people on their path. It is her passion. She has the rare gift of deep understanding through personal experience and the ability to connect with you energetically. She is a wise woman with the intuitive insight to see through your story and call you to your heart. Ellen brings the mystery to life. She is an amazing teacher.
–Peter Morrow – Property Development Manager

An amazing coach, very professional and keeps it real.
–Peter Shade – Reiki Master and Practitioner

Coaching with Ellen keeps me focused on creating a life based on truth and doing what I love. Her remarkable intuitive skills bring insight and clarity and highlight unconscious pitfalls.She keeps reminding me to take action in favour of what is important to me. Since starting coaching I have created numerous events, including my first painting exhibition.
–Sandy Morrow – Artist and Photographer

I have been coached by Ellen for nearly two years. Two amazing years of focus, generosity, nurturing and amazing insights. Without her clear but gentle guidance I would be sailing on many different tangents now.Ellen has a unique gift of holding you to your truth and is the first to share how amazing you are and remind you of your achievements and successes. I’ve come to love and honour my heart. I would never have accomplished this without her guidance and love through coaching.
–Kristen Ableson – Physiotherapist and horse Whisperer