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Intuition and the Skill of Interpretation

Intuition-and-the-Skill-of-InterpretationThe skill of intuition is not really in the receiving. That part is easy. Just close your eyes, take a few slow,deep breaths and draw your attention inwards. In that moment you will probably find that you are aware of something that you hadn’t noticed before, even if it is only the sound of the beating of your own heart. When we drop inwards or tune-in, there is nothing we have to do in that moment to make the information “appear”. The information is always there ,just as the beating of your heart is always there (even when you are not thinking about it).

It is naturally easier to be aware of previously un-noticed information, or new information, if we draw attention away from what ordinarily captures our senses. This is partly why meditation and closing the eyes works so well for triggering new insights. Our consciousness and by that I mean conscious awareness, can only handle so much. Read More→

Focus, Attention Deficit and Creativity

A newspaper article recently caught my eye : “Scientists at the Universities of Memphis and Michigan measured the success of 60 undergraduates from various fields, from the visual arts to science.” Students, the article stated, were asked if they had won prizes or been honoured at juried art shows or science fairs.

“In every domain, students who had been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder achieved more.” The conclusion formulated in the article was that “their inability to focus was actually a creative advantage.”

I know several mothers of children who have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, or as is just as common these days, Asperger’s Syndrome. All of these mothers speak of their children’s unique differences, differences which don’t readily fit into our regulated societal systems [including schools]. Children who are talented in music and mathematics [but maybe not English] and children who indulge in the realm of fantasy and imagination in play and story telling much more than is considered appropriate. Read More→