Purpose, Values, and Objects

Purpose: To empower, educate and inspire individuals and communities through coaching and training programmes with the consequence of good health, self-responsibility, leadership, success and enterprise. [ With enterprise being defined as the “Willingness to undertake new ventures and initiatives.”]


  1. Fiscal responsibility.
  2. Growth and development.
  3. Every person is entitled and has the capacity for good health.
  4. Every person is entitled to respect and to be heard.
  5. Self-responsibility.
  6. Every person is unique and has the capacity for greatness.
  7. We are all connected.
  8. Every person has the capacity to positively influence and contribute.
  9. Service and generosity.


  1. To run coaching and training programmes for individuals and groups.
  2. To provide resources which assist with these coaching and training programmes for individuals and groups.
  3. Individuals and groups to include:
    • The general community
    • Corporate communities and business groups
    • Sporting teams and groups
    • Specialised communities [ e.g. domestic violence groups; women’s groups; indigenous groups and other ethnicities; disadvantaged health groups]
    • Youth communities [school and adolescent groups].