Happy For No Good Reason

The Science and Experience of Happiness!

Why Happiness?

Why not? As the joke goes, “I have been happy and I have been unhappy and I know what I prefer.”

In one study over 60% of participants chose being “happy” over being “healthy”. The good news is we can have both!

Studies have shown “happy” people :

  • Are 31% more productive and 37% more effective at sales.
  • Have higher incomes and richer relationships.
  • Have greater levels of physical health, more energy and less pain.
  • Are more creative and community orientated.
  • Live longer
  • And just plain feel “good”.

Authentic happiness is real. It is both an inherent part of our true nature and a skill to be cultivated.

In this 1 day program you will learn tools to facilitate the skill of Happiness and experience how we can work with higher energies to activate Happiness now!

Next program:

August 17th ; 9.30am – 5pm.
Center For Perfect Liberty; 76 Dairy Swamp Road Belmont Brisbane.
Cost: $125.

“Simple, powerful and beautifully nurturing.” Kristen

“Brilliant . I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Ellen is splendid at what she does – teaching, guiding and imparting knowledge.” Sally

“Loved the variety of experiences, information and organisation. Thankyou!” Kaye