So Tell Me


So tell me ‘cos I want to know,

          Have you put on a pound or so?

You look a little thicker there

I’m trying hardest not to stare,

Although I couldn’t really care

(Just making conversation light, not trying to commit a slight!)

So tell me, why’s your mouth ajar?

You look real strange ,

No…. quite bazaar,


Is something wrong, are you upset?

Well spit it out love ‘cos not yet can I guess at the words that play around your head unless you say!

I’m not a reader of the mind,

Although…I’ve met a few in kind,

Quite fascinating dare they be,

As if in fact they could see me,

From inside out was all exposed,

As clear as scanning head to toes


So maybe, let’s sit down we two


Talk of something else,

What’s new?

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