About Us

End Results Coaching is the creation of Ellen Lake.


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to my website.

I was born in Brisbane but moved to Cairns when I was 5 years old, in Grade 1, and stayed there until completing Grade 12 at Cairns State High School in 1976. Life growing up was filled with sport, the outdoors and an insatiable curiosity about the human body and life in general. I remember as a child sneaking into my mother’s room to look at her medical books .[She was a nurse].

My dream was to go to University which at that stage represented the pinnacle of learning and knowledge. In 1977 I left Cairns to do just that and attended the University of Queensland where I graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree in 1980 and a post-graduate Honours Degree in Physiotherapy in 1981.

The years following were spent raising 3 beautiful children and continuing my fascination with the human psyche and consciousness. I completed studies in kinesiology and energetics and in 2000 I completed a teacher’s training course in Meditation. I have been teaching and practicing meditation ever since.

Since 2005 I have been training in counselling and Life Change coaching techniques which includes working with intuition and mental structures.

My passion is to teach and write and I am presently writing a book on health and optimising our inherent potential.